Diving Deep

Diving Deep: How to Find Truth in a Sea of Lies, Bias, Spin, Scams, and Fraud

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How to Find Truth in a Sea of Lies, Bias, Spin, Scams, and Fraud

Americans are concerned more and more with the declining standards of honesty and ethics in every area of our society. In fact, there has been a profusion of books, articles, and blog posts on topics ranging from election fraud and media bias to Wall Street corruption and online financial scams suggesting that the American public has an appetite for change. For author Frank J. Realin there is no better time for change than right now.

Though other books are available on media bias, financial scams, scientific fraud, and so on, almost none brings all of these topics together under the umbrella of one overarching discussion. Covering such topics as how propaganda underlies many forms of deception; how advertising and public relations infiltrate our lives; how scientific bias and fraud are causing detrimental effects not only on humans but on other living creatures as well; how dishonesty and scandal are endemic to the political arena yet are more often than not swept under the rug or masked to avoid the public eye; the extremes of hate and deception; and recognizing and combating financial scams, Realin doesn’t stop at detailing the problems. He makes the critical next step in offering concrete solutions–actions ordinary people can follow to reduce their risks of being taken in by deception as well as actions they can take to work toward a better, more ethical society.

Full of incisive commentary and profound sense of community, Realin’s debut is a thought provoking journey that defines the crossroads we find ourselves in and lays bare the downward spiral our country finds itself being sucked into. A useful guide to distinguishing truth from deception that is also a meditation on a major problem facing US society today, Diving Deep: How to Find Truth in a Sea of Lies, Bias, Spin, Scams, and Fraud will forever change the way you approach your life and the situations you encounter.


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